Doomsday has a chariot


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225 Chapters · 18 Readers
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[The new book "The End of the World Begins by Building an Invincible Fortress" has been released, welcome to read it] When the end of the world comes, you need a good vehicle. Motorcycles, cars, armored vehicles, etc. are all weakly exploded. I have a super tank! ...The chariot can not only upgrade the weapon system and defense system, but also improve its form and can fly into the sky and into the sea, and can go anywhere. There is also a chariot shop open, which can be exchanged for various rare items. Weapons and equipment, food and ammunition, evolution potions, evolution fluids, mutant seeds, deprivation potions, etc. are all available. There are also customized alloy puppets, and you can choose the royal sister Loli! (PS: The alloy puppet is not only unparalleled in combat power, but also has other indescribable functions...) In addition, there are many mysterious functions waiting to be developed! ...At the end of the Christian era, a strange explosion swept the world with radiation, bringing the end of mankind to a complete end. Liu Chen was reborn at the beginning of the apocalypse, seizing the super tank system, making up for the regrets of his previous life, and facing the truth of the apocalypse! Fierce and brutal, pushing all the way!


  • Doomsday has a chariot
  • 末日有战车
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