The king of training starting from Sakurasou


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523 Chapters · 14 Readers
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When Qianliu came to the world of Sakurasou, he found that he had a sister named Hanasegawa Kobato. In order to make money and raise a lovely sister, he could only work hard in a familiar field and become a genius light novelist! When he succeeded in his goal, he discovered that the world is not simple! At this time, Kasumigaoka Shiyu had just made her debut, but Nayuta was still an autistic girl sitting at home. Miss Yaozi, who had a wonderful encounter, asked him to take care of her daughter who stayed in District 11. This was not a problem, but why was her daughter named Touma Kazusa! (This book tentatively proposes that there is a pet girl in Sakurasou in the world·I have very few friends·It would be great if I had a sister·White Album 2·How to develop a passerby heroine·Teacher Eromanga·The youthful pig-headed boy will not Meeting the Bunny Girl Senior) The follow-up will depend on the situation!


  • The king of training starting from Sakurasou
  • 从樱花庄开始的养成之王(1-456)
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