Single Unlimited Wonderful Life


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580 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Watching anime is a decompression enjoyment, but some plots with cerebral palsy just make people helpless, and some weird characters just make people hate. On the campus every day, Ito Makoto, who didn’t pay for the fare when getting on the bus, and didn’t recognize anyone when he lifted his pants, died with a hatchet, but it was still not enjoyable. In the cultivation method of the passer-by heroine, An Yilun is a scheming man who uses other people's feelings to contribute to his own goals. Infinite Stratos (is) is a good-for-nothing good-for-nothing who doesn't match up with Germany and weaves a summer for Madara. Momonosuke, who is so wonderful in One Piece. Cyborg Zig in fate/apocrypha. Haruyuki Arita of the Accelerated World... All kinds of wonderful characters make people have high blood pressure even watching anime. If you are unhappy, change it! What should I do if I am upset? Take him! Let this **** rookie see what a real boss is! Change the plot, change the tragedy! No regrets! There are both new and old fans, and they may write theatrical versions of certain animations, or independent animation films, and some games.


  • Single Unlimited Wonderful Life
  • 单人无限之精彩人生(1-1658)
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