Iron Dynasty


1204 Chapters
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1204 Chapters · 35 Readers
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Author:Bei Zhao Jia De Gua Niu

Novel Summary

A top-secret test explosion brought Xiao Ming into a parallel world similar to ancient times. In this malicious place, as the least favored prince, he owns the barrenest fief. Fortunately, in the top-secret experiment, an item named technology spar followed him here, giving him the ability to upgrade the technology tree. So he began to grow farms in his fief and engage in a leisurely life of industry. In the face of his unfriendly brothers and sisters, he has always followed the motto-friends come and get wine, jackals come and have shotguns.


TitleIron Dynasty
Raw Title钢铁皇朝
Addition DateSeptember 18, 2022
AuthorBei Zhao Jia De Gua Niu
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TagsArmy Building,Arrogant Characters,Business Management,Clever Protagonist,Cosmic Wars,Determined Protagonist,Empires,Firearms,Generals,Handsome Male Lead,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Industrialization,Kingdom Building,Military,Modern Knowledge,Naive Protagonist,Nationalism,Nobles,Politics,Psychopaths,Racism,Schemes And Conspiracies,Sex Slaves,Technological Gap