The Female Partner of the Last Days Does Not Want To Be Popular


566 Chapters
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566 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Qi Sheng Man Man

Novel Summary

Once in the last days, she acted as a vicious female partner, and woke up in ruins. By chance, Li Yanqi once again returned to the world watched by countless viewers. In order to redeem everything that happened before, she used her familiarity with the plot, hoarded supplies, exercised her physical fitness, and planned to fully assist the local tyrants who started the simple mode. Her right appearances and performances made the audience marvel at it, and made sister Bai Lianhua mad at her, but she accidentally angered someone who had been waiting for the opportunity…


TitleThe Female Partner of the Last Days Does Not Want To Be Popular
Raw Title末世女配她不想爆红
Addition DateNovember 16, 2022
AuthorQi Sheng Man Man
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TagsActing,Apocalypse,Beautiful Female Lead,Calm Protagonist,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Kingdom Building,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Revenge,Second Chance,Virtual Reality,Zombies