My beast conquers everything


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953 Chapters · 85 Readers
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Thousands of years ago, Blue Star's spiritual energy revived, causing the Blue Star's area to increase dramatically. The beasts and plants in the wild are nourished by spiritual energy and gradually turn into terrifying giant beasts. At the same time, the revival of Blue Star's spiritual energy also attracted a large number of unknown forces. Various small worlds and secret realms rushed to appear on the surface of Blue Star, bringing with them gods, demons, alien races, alien species, and monsters that were not native to Blue Star... .... In this increasingly difficult environment, the human race finally gave birth to its own extraordinary beast master. Thousands of years later, the protagonist Su Chen traveled from the earth to the world of Blue Star due to an accident. When he reaches adulthood at the age of 18, he awakens his D-level beastmaster talent. His ability is recovery, and he can provide a certain amount of healing help for his beastmaster. At this moment, the mysterious golden bead that appeared due to Su Chen's time travel awakened Su Chen's SSS-level talent for beast control, causing Su Chen's potential to skyrocket. After the trial in the Troll Forest, Su Chen used his powerful strength to He successfully passed the assessment of Holy Spirit Academy, the first beast master academy in Daxia, and became a freshman at Holy Spirit Academy with first place results. However, becoming a member of the Holy Spirit Academy is just the beginning of Su Chen's legendary life. During the trial in the Troll Forest, he accidentally fell into an underground cave and met the Skeleton King, who had existed for countless epochs. After his death, his soul was broken into fragments and divided into countless consciousnesses. I learned from the Skeleton King that this world is grander than I imagined, and humans are just the most inconspicuous grain of sand in it. From then on, Su Chen embarked on an invincible road to conquer heaven, kill scum, break into secret realms, and kill aliens.


  • My beast conquers everything
  • 我的御兽横推一切
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