Beastmaster: I can even cultivate gods and demons!


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561 Chapters · 98 Readers
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Wild and violent ape → Eight-armed crazy ape → Ancient blue ape... After Chen Fan traveled to the world of beast control together with tens of thousands of people, he found that he could see the evolutionary route and methods of beast control. And the monsters he has trained to kill monsters can help him provide void energy! Jinyu Haidongqing killed fifteen level 12 two-headed monster insects, and the system energy +450 points; The wild and violent ape killed eight level 11 wind-controlling wolves, and the system energy increased by 166 points... Energy can be used to increase star power, improve spiritual power, open meridians, and... copy other beast-controlling skills! After your breakthrough in beast control, what skills did you awaken? Sorry, I don't care at all whether my beast-controlling skills are awakened or not, because all your beast-controlling skills can become my beast-controlling skills. From then on, Chen Fan fell madly in love with Yushou. ———————————— This world of monsters... Mountains, rivers, and trees can transform demons into spirits, and antique swords can also breed spirits. Monsters, demons, giants, elves, bugs... have oppressed human living space to the extreme. It wasn't until a beastmaster who could sign a contract with monsters appeared that humans were reborn. Two thousand years later, Chen Fan traveled through time. He raised his head slightly and said to his master beast... Thousands of years later, if I become a legend, you will definitely be included in my legend; Thousands of years later, if you become a legend, then I hope... you will also have me in your legend. The Tang State has me, and I will fight without fear! Blue Star has me, the gods and demons retreat!


  • Beastmaster: I can even cultivate gods and demons!
  • 御兽:我连神魔都能培育!
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