Transmigrating to the 70’s: The Military Wife As A Farmer


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1072 Chapters · 38 Readers
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Once through, Han Yao found helplessly that she had been through the arduous 70s and became a little orphan with no father, no mother, no money and no food. There was a shortage of money and food, and the poor dingdang mountain rang. There is no shortage of top quality alone. As a result, Girl Han started a life of making a fortune and getting rich with her hands! What are you afraid of scarce supplies? We have room! What are you afraid of when the best product comes, we have wisdom! What are you afraid of when you find fault and provocation? We have a fiancé. Uh… right, fiance? When did she have a fiance? Still a stupid big guy in the dark? Fiance (indifferent face): Did you forget? We were engaged when you were still wearing crotch pants! Girl Han (shocked face): What? Open pants? Then… Didn’t you watch everything? Fiance (satisfied face): Not only I saw it, but also helped you wash it in vain! Girl Han (tears running across her face), Nima? Can I hit someone? Brief introduction: farming, fighting the best, gossiping about home-style, and rushing to the well-off with the silly big guy, and embarking on the pinnacle of life together! Recommend Yaoer’s final article “The Little Farmer’s Wife in the Mountain Lihan”


  • Transmigrating to the 70’s: The Military Wife As A Farmer
  • 穿越七十年代之农家好女
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