The birth of China Entertainment Top


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324 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Wake up from a dream and go back to 2011. Lu Feng got a crude entertainment talent system. "When you took the Nortel admissions exam, you stunned the audience with your song "Chengdu". You refused Sister Mi's invitation, studied like crazy to prepare for the college entrance examination, and entered the school with the first place in your major. Congratulations, you won [Nazha's extraordinary appearance]" "Participating in the audition of "Xiu Chun Knife", you were suffocated by your dream, joined the cast with money, became the number one actor with a moustache, and frantically speculated on CP with the lion sister, and successfully topped the weekly box office championship. Congratulations, you won [Zhang Zhen's excellent temperament] " … What is top-notch? Always strive for first place and never admit defeat! It has strong popularity, terrifying box office, and unbeatable ratings. It has built a reputation with countless opponents. It has both good looks and talent. It is real and unpretentious. It has a widely circulated story of love, hate, and grudges. For ten years, we have been producing hot hits without stopping!


  • The birth of China Entertainment Top
  • 华娱顶流的诞生
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