Beginning to become a saint from the path of time and fruit


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A female swordswoman just passed by with her sword above your head, and you looked up. Seeing the female sword fairy slaying the demonic dragon in the endless East China Sea a hundred years ago is the happiest thing in the world. You feel something in your heart and gather the fruits of the years to [slay the dragon]. An old beggar just passed by you and you glanced at him. Seeing that the gate of heaven was closed when the old beggar knocked on it with a dog-beating stick three hundred years ago, making all the gods in the sky laugh, you gathered the Taoist fruits of the years to [beat the gods]. Just now a scholar asked you for a sip of wine, and you squinted at him. Observe the scholar who read the sword at night five hundred years ago. One person had a sword and a white shirt. On the battlefield at the border, the heads of foreigners were killed, and the anger swallowed thousands of miles like a tiger. You condensed the Taoist fruit of the years [the majesty lasts forever]. … Peace and happiness come through time, this world is chaotic, and life is as thin as paper. Fortunately, Anle can see the highlights, sorrow and anger, or helpless past events in others, and then condense them into the fruits of the years to bless his own body. Young people practice, refine their gods, and accumulate Tao fruits. Knock on the door of practice calmly and become a saint silently.


  • Beginning to become a saint from the path of time and fruit
  • 从岁月道果开始成圣
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