My Young Lord Is Really Righteous


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450 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Li Hong Tian

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“The son deserves to be an example of justice!” “Positive, elegant and easy-going, jealous like hatred, not good at female sex!” “The sky does not give birth to a son, the right way is like a long night!” Everyone is moved. … Don’t boast! Don’t praise me anymore! This son does not want justice, this son is not a righteous example! Let go of this son, this son is not crazy, don’t take medicine! This son wants to do bad things and be a villain! I beg you, let this son do something bad!


TitleMy Young Lord Is Really Righteous
Raw Title公子实在太正义了
Addition DateNovember 16, 2022
AuthorLi Hong Tian
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Monthly Rank#3351
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TagsMisunderstandings,Slow Growth at Start,System,Transmigration,Villainess Noble Girls