Trillion Market Capitalization is not a Dream


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779 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Nan Hai Long Xie Shu

Novel Summary

Ten years ago was the first year after Occidental Construction Co., Ltd. went public. The benefits brought by the company's listing made the company enter an explosive development in the first year. The annual output value has exploded from 500 million in the year before the listing to 2 billion, and has maintained rapid growth for many years in the future, from 10 billion. The market value, through the joint efforts of 10,000 employees during the peak period of the company, gathered momentum and reached the peak, and developed to a trillion-dollar market value in the Nth year. After encountering development bottlenecks, the ills brought about by the rapid development of enterprises have exploded more and more, and the scale of enterprises has declined rapidly. This work describes the ups and downs, the hardships and hardships that the protagonist has experienced in Western architecture in the past ten years, and the glory and pride of the company's peak. It also describes business management principles and workplace survival rules. It will take you to experience the exciting and intriguing story with the ups and downs of the story. The plot is purely fictitious, please do not take your seat.


TitleTrillion Market Capitalization is not a Dream
Raw Title万亿市值不是梦
Addition DateJanuary 30, 2022
AuthorNan Hai Long Xie Shu
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