Honkai Impact Kiana's brother


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205 Chapters · 9 Readers
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This feeling like a slight wave of stagnant water seems to make me more worried... "Brother, I don't want you to die. I want you to continue to live in this world, for my father, for my mother, for me, continue to live..." No one knows that there is a mysterious young man in the Kaslana family. He was originally a murder weapon created by the Second Herrscher, but was rescued by Cecilia during a secret mission. So, under Siegfried’s short-term cruel education, his ambition turned into bubbles. Under Cecilia’s gentle and considerate care, his viciousness turned into kindness. Under the smile of little Kiana, his heart The hatred gradually disappeared... He had a name and was named "Kiatian Kaslana" by Siegfried. But the good times will always be broken, and not long after, everything he had was ruthlessly taken away by Siren. His memory was sealed, his life was ended, and he slept forever in the deepest part of the Tower of Babel in Siberia... Until now... He is back. But what is waiting for him?


  • Honkai Impact Kiana's brother
  • 崩坏之琪亚娜的哥哥
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