The Queen of Everything


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1063 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Gu Mu Shuang

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The world-famous Tian Hou Su tea broke the scandal, when the scandal video was exposed. Fan: Bang Bang is so sweet! Others saw the hero in the video, the tiger body shocked! In the eyes of Su Cha, Bo Mu also wanted to hug and kiss her, and she was so cute. Bo Mu, who is in the eyes of outsiders, is terribly terribly unreasonable! Before the rebirth of Su tea, naive and simple love the wrong person Yu Yu died. After rebirth, Su Cha is sturdy and versatile! In addition, there is an additional attribute: pet husband, very pet, pet heaven! (Su Shuang has no logic, note: Mistress III is born again, not one)


TitleThe Queen of Everything
Raw Title隐婚天后,霸上瘾!
Addition DateSeptember 19, 2022
AuthorGu Mu Shuang
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TagsActing,Beautiful Female Lead,Celebrities,Cultivation,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Mysterious Past,Previous Life Talent,Revenge,Showbiz,Transmigration