My Wife Is Secretly Dark


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(This article 1v1 + pet text + soft girl is really big brother) The Xia family is a large family of Chinese descent. The eldest daughter of the Xia family, Xia Yunshu, woke up five years after falling into a vegetative state. Woke up this year, she was 18 years old. Going back to study in the country, borrowing from his father’s old friend’s house. … Xia Yunshu was actually dead when he fell from a building at the age of 13. But there was no return of the soul, the soul drifted to a mysterious place, where she stayed for nearly ten years, learned a skill, and returned again on the third day of her fall. After 5 years of being a vegetative, she would occasionally wake up, but no one knew. She used the time she woke up occasionally to create Yutian. Yu Tian took on all tasks, from getting rid of enemies for others to be bodyguards for big shots, and down to helping others to do homework for juniors, starting with a fee of one million yuan. … The Qi family was the first family in Yucheng, and the Qi family was a famous figure in Yucheng. After graduating from university, he took over the family business. Within a year, his name spread throughout the business community, and no one knew it. The decisive methods of dealing with affairs are harsh, everyone respects them and stays away. … The first time I saw Xia Yunshu, Qi Dashao only knew that she was the daughter of his father’s late acquaintance, so he returned to study and stayed at Qi’s house temporarily, and let him take care of her. He is accustomed to ruthless methods. Wherever he can take care of people, it would be nice not to drive them away. Later, Master Qi slapped her face, only to think that this family sister was soft, cute and cute. Do everything possible to treat her well. Suddenly one day, he discovered that the sister of the family was not a soft girl, but the famous Yutian leader. That is a person who talks about the harshness of the methods, and is no less inferior to him. He was being held in his arms at this time…


TitleMy Wife Is Secretly Dark
Raw Title夫人她是白切黑
Addition DateSeptember 20, 2022
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