Dad: I Was In College and Was Blocked By the Goddess of the School Flower奶爸:人在大学,被校花女神堵门

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585 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Yao Yue Ye

Novel Summary

[Single female protagonist + milk dad + dog food sweet text] Qin Lang was dumped, and Su Shihan, a rare student in a century-old school, came to the classroom to look for him and said that he became a father. It turned out that at the meeting of the two schools last year, drunk Qin Lang and Su Shihan had an encounter. Qin Lang, who is still a college student and only has a handsome face, how should he support his wife and children? Novice daddy, don’t panic, the daddy system is online. Say hello to the baby in the belly and reward the host with 20,000 yuan in cash. Do prenatal education for the baby and reward the host for singing skills. Make handmade toys for your baby and reward the host with carving skills. … Before he knew it, Qin Lang became an all-around expert on the way to bring the baby!


TitleDad: I Was In College and Was Blocked By the Goddess of the School Flower
Raw Title奶爸:人在大学,被校花女神堵门
AuthorYao Yue Ye
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TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Childcare,College/University,Cute Children,Devoted Love Interests,Early Romance,Handsome Male Lead,Modern Day,Poor to Rich,Pregnancy,Romantic Subplot,Sudden Wealth,System Administrator,Male Protagonist