The Goddess Signed In For a Year, and I Turned Over女神家签到一年,我翻身了

460 Chapters
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460 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Author:Yi Jian Feng Hou

Novel Summary

[Daddy Wen, single hostess, dog food is a bit sweet] Lu Yun Qihun penetrated into a parallel world almost exactly the same as the earth. After five years of traveling, suddenly one day. Goddess President: Go, marry me! Just when he was hesitating, suddenly his mind sounded: [Ding, Dad sign-in system is opening…] [Congratulations to the host for completing the signing of the marriage agreement with the beautiful president and obtaining life skills (God-level cooking skills)] [Congratulations to the host for completing, for the first time to get the daughter’s active kiss task and get rewards (mysterious planting space)] [Congratulations to the host for completing the parent-child game with the daughter, and get a reward: God-level director] [Congratulations to the host, complete the task of emotional sublimation of husband and wife, get reward: perfect singing voice] A year later, the female president Jiao Didi said: Husband, you are great! Lu Yunqi: What? I just turned over?


TitleThe Goddess Signed In For a Year, and I Turned Over
Raw Title女神家签到一年,我翻身了
Addition DateOctober 7, 2022
AuthorYi Jian Feng Hou
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TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Cheats,Childcare,Cute Children,Jack of All Trades,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Pregnancy