Temporary Husband: The Pregnant Wife Runs Away


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819 Chapters · 6 Readers
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In retaliation for the Tang family, he did not hesitate to marry her with a “mental illness”. Before the person, she was his wife; after the person, the people around him called her’Miss’. She thought he would never disdain to touch her, but she was wrong, he was the lover of his former lover, he pressed her under him, completed the husband and wife. Until one day, he took her friend who thought she was close to her and announced, “She is back, I should be the girl I will protect for life.” The only good friend became his beloved love, and the love deep in her heart was completely broken. In an instant, she had nothing. Do not! She has nothing, at least, she still has a baby in her belly who just came to report-four years later, the reunion of destiny, she turned gorgeously, and a great reversal in the world…


  • Temporary Husband: The Pregnant Wife Runs Away
  • 临时老公:小妻不乖带球跑
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