Demons Beside You (The Demons Beside Me)恶魔就在身边

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3313 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Han Bao

Novel Summary

This novel is also known as The Demons Beside Me Chen Zhao can summon demons and see Death. “Beelzebub, use your Gluttony ability to treat this patient’s anorexia.” “Raymond, this old man wants to regain his manly function. You know what I mean.”


TitleDemons Beside You (The Demons Beside Me)
Raw Title恶魔就在身边
Addition DateSeptember 22, 2022
AuthorHan Bao
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Monthly Rank#1252
All Time Rank#3325
TagsAngels,Animal Rearing,Cautious Protagonist,Cheats,Clever Protagonist,Comedic Undertone,Cruel Characters,Cultivation,Demons,Devoted Love Interests,Doctors,Early Romance,Elemental Magic,Evil Organizations,Evil Religions,Hell,Legends,Magic Beasts,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Monsters,Mysterious Family Background,Mysterious Past,Necromancer,Overpowered Protagonist,Pets,Poor to Rich,Romantic Subplot,Ruthless Protagonist,Seven Deadly Sins,Slow Growth at Start,Souls,Special Abilities,Summoning Magic,Weak to Strong,Witches