Transmigrated as the Tortured Female Lead’s Daughter穿成虐文女主的亲闺女

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606 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Yi Wan Yue

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[1V1, high sweetness] My mother is the silly white sweet heroine of abusive novels, My mother is Bai Yueguang’s stand-in for Mr. Ba, who ran with the ball. And I am not a talent at Xia, it is the five-year-old genius Mengbao who is a hacker. —— The genius hacker Gu Chu was reborn in a novel about abuse of essays. She became a five-year-old little Mengbao. Her mother was a miserable female protagonist. Her father was a blindly-eyed president man. There were also a bunch of relatives who looked forward to her eyes and aunt Bai Lianhua who was good at disguising… Gu Chu straightened his body and began to help his mother fight. What bad thoughts can a five-year-old child have? But I just want to maintain Ma Ma. … until one day, The man in the previous life who chased her after most of the earth appeared. Seeing the little nanny in princess dress crying in front of him, the man fell into a long silence.


TitleTransmigrated as the Tortured Female Lead’s Daughter
Raw Title穿成虐文女主的亲闺女
AuthorYi Wan Yue
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TagsChild Protagonist,Childcare,Cunning Protagonist,Doting Love Interests,Doting Parents,Hackers,Multiple Transported Individuals,Older Love Interests,Romantic Subplot,Shounen-Ai Subplot,Female Protagonist