After Transmigrating into a Cannon Fodder Character in the 1980s, I Trash Them All穿成八零女炮灰后我干翻全场

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916 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Ye Yu You Ran

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Su Hanyan passed into a book of the best era. She has become a cannon fodder female match, a weak personality, everyone is leading the nose, and she is always ready to sacrifice herself for the benefit of the protagonist! In the novel, the patriarchal mommy, based on the concept of “sacrifice her, happy the whole family”, changed her job to the heroine, and started her bloody life. She was sucked blood by her family, the heroine smashed her wool, her husband was violently domesticated, and she did not forget to rob a man from her husband. After reviewing the plot, Su Hanyan tore up the script: this cannon fodder is not suitable for her! Little sister, I’ve never been such a bullshit! Facing this group of careless guys, she said: You can’t get used to them! One word is “do it!” Jin Shen, a young and talented surgeon, looks, talent, and family. He is one of a thousand people. He is cold and arrogant. The girls who chased him lined up, but no one was able to see him. Until one day, everyone discovered that Dr. Jin, who had always been cold, had a gentle smile in his eyes, and said to a little girl with a lazy and sultry look: As long as Yanyan said everything is right! Everyone was stunned: “How did this little wild cat of the Su family get you?” “One word’chasing’!” Jin Chen smiled with a spring breeze, “I chased her. The secret is to be thick-skinned!”


TitleAfter Transmigrating into a Cannon Fodder Character in the 1980s, I Trash Them All
Raw Title穿成八零女炮灰后我干翻全场
Addition DateSeptember 25, 2022
AuthorYe Yu You Ran
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TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Clever Protagonist,Cold Love Interests,Familial Love,Complex Family Relationships,Handsome Male Lead,Healers,Special Abilities,Transmigration,Female Protagonist