Doctor? He's Clearly Creepy!


124 Chapters
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124 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Bu Chuan Jiao De Xie

Novel Summary

After waking up, Lin Yi travels to a bizarre world and becomes a doctor in the Happiness Clinic. Faced with the evil spirits, evil spirits, monsters, technology, magic medicine and divination in this world, the weak Lin Yi finds that as long as he practices medicine, his talent and potential can grow infinitely with it. [You have cured the Hungry Ghost's anorexia, rewarding Basic Experience Value*100, Hungry Ghost's Fear Value +100, gaining Special Skill: Overeating] [You have fixed the face of the Faceless Man, rewarding Basic Experience Value*500, the Faceless Man's Favorability +100, and gaining the Special Skill: Transfiguration] [You have been granted the title of Doctor of Horrors, the pain value inflicted on patients is permanently *500]


TitleDoctor? He's Clearly Creepy!
Raw Title医生?他明明是诡异!
Addition DateSeptember 27, 2022
AuthorBu Chuan Jiao De Xie
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