The Great Enlightenment


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903 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Qian Dan De Yue Ya

Novel Summary

While the rest walk on the destined path, he alone treaded on the treacherous one; drowning in his own darkness. Pitch-black tongues of fire flickered in his heart, dancing on his fingertips; flames potent enough to burn away the light itself. Whenever his sword undressed from scabbard, it pierced through space and time. The sharp edge flaring golden and red, turning and twisting between the fragile fringes of good and evil. Immortal sects rise and fall with a mere gesture of his hands; songs of karma never cease playing… Untouched by the allure of the mortal world, he cultivates the heavenly and eternal Dao, laying abandon to time in that timeless dimension. Witness how he fought, fell, and rose again. The saga of a man who forged his path to immortality, spirituality, and his ultimate attainment of the Great Enlightenment. … “When the four continents are overturned, I shall step into the Heavenly Realm of the Spirit Mountain and wield my weapon.” Standing atop the ten-thousand petal lotus platform, wearing a snow-white Buddhist robe, Ji Yuenian’s raven-black long hair cascaded down like a waterfall. He had a look of indifference as he gazed at the ethereal and vast Sacred Mount Meru, far away in the west. Where individuals meet, regardless of Immortal or mortal, sit and recite the Yellow Court Classic. The story begins from one of the four continents.


TitleThe Great Enlightenment
Raw Title大菩提
Addition DateSeptember 27, 2022
AuthorQian Dan De Yue Ya
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TagsBuddhism,Calm Protagonist,Cautious Protagonist,Cultivation,Enlightenment,Evil Protagonist,Gore,Male Protagonist,Pragmatic Protagonist,Reincarnation