Rebirth 70s: After I Remarried Tiff, I Had Multiple Births!


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327 Chapters · 37 Readers
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[Rough man + sweet wife + Shuangjie + sweet pet + tens of billions of material space] In her last life, Xia Taozhi had her heart tied to her fiancé in order to repay her kindness, but she was betrayed tragically. After Taozhi was reborn, she turned her head and married a famous bully in the village. It was rumored that he would kill her daughter, and all the women who approached him were unlucky. The bully marries the unlucky girl, and the villagers gloat over the misfortune, waiting for their bad luck. And after Taozhi married him, not only did she become pregnant with multiple children, but her days got better and better. The man was ruthless and ruthless towards others, but he was gentle towards her in every possible way. Only she knew how much he loved her, but fortunately she didn’t miss him in this life. Xie Yan gave her the small treasury that he had kept for many years, and Jun’s face was smug: “After you marry the master, you will be a little rich woman.” Taozhi glanced at the bracelet in his hand, and reached out to hold his face: “Did I tell you that I am a little rich woman myself.” She is a woman who holds tens of billions of space!


  • Rebirth 70s: After I Remarried Tiff, I Had Multiple Births!
  • 重生七零:改嫁悍夫后我多胎了!
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