I became the richest man in the world by making meatballs


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Bai Qianchun, the most beautiful kid in the ancient martial arts medical field, was unfortunately killed by a nuclear bomb from the high-level officials of the Wo Kingdom who turned their backs and refused to recognize anyone. He and the entire Zhenlong City traveled to the great interstellar era and became the second male lead in the interstellar heroine novel. The vicious wife who seduces her. Bai Qianchun: ...Thank you for the invitation. I am on Muyuan Star and I am busy leading the people of the star to get rich. Is it because the vegetables are not selling well, or the pills are no longer fragrant? What is a husband? Let’s put it aside and wait until my planet rises. Feng Youyu met a soft beauty outside who poked at him in every aspect of her appearance. However, the beauty was too cold and her heart was too dark, so she popped all the little bubbles in his heart. Feng Youyu muttered: What unlucky man married her and was determined to have done no good things in his previous life? Later, when he came home, he saw that the unlucky man was himself! ! ! Where's the homeless little poor thing we promised? Where is the disfigured and weak little wife you promised? Feng Youyu: The conditions in the marriage agreement are too good (too much money) and must be changed. after that-- Feng Youyu: Wife, look back at me. I am the richest man in the world. Nothing else. I just have a mine at home and a lot of money and thieves! [The sinister and wealthy mysterious boss, the delicate beauty VS the lazy and monstrous top noble man] PS: This article is still 1V1.


  • I became the richest man in the world by making meatballs
  • 我靠搓丸子成为星际首富
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