Lord of the People: a Hundredfold Increase From the Undead


1735 Chapters
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1735 Chapters · 107 Readers
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Author:Fen Nu De Shi Ren Yu

Novel Summary

Wake up, the whole people cross. Everyone has their own territory and becomes a lord. Fang Hao, who also crossed, opened his eyes but was a farmer who was recruited and was driven into the tiger’s mouth. Kill the lord in anger and get compensation for the ‘hundred-fold increase’. Reopen the way of the lord. 【Hundred-fold increase trigger, get 10100 Skeleton Pawn. 】 【Hundred-fold increase trigger, get Iron Sword 10100. 】 When everyone is working hard to collect resources and struggling to survive. Fang Hao’s resources have long been piled up like a mountain, and he has wiped out all the surrounding forces and established his own country.


TitleLord of the People: a Hundredfold Increase From the Undead
Raw Title全民领主:从亡灵开始百倍增幅
Addition DateOctober 1, 2022
AuthorFen Nu De Shi Ren Yu
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