Afraid of My Death, My Frog Stole To the Shelter Overnight


334 Chapters
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334 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Ming Zhen Tan Ke Nan

Novel Summary

[Ding, your frog was afraid of your death, so he went on a trip overnight and stole a shelter for you! 】 … Reborn into a world of global catastrophe apocalypse. In the face of global recovery, zombies, fog, meteorites, prehistoric creatures, glaciers, earthquakes, acid rain and other devastating global disasters, the only thing Ye Su has to do is to survive. Unexpectedly, he got a traveling frog when he arrived. The frog was afraid of Ye Su’s death, so he simply stole a shelter! Ye Su: “???” But what’s even more outrageous is yet to come. [Ding, your frog is afraid that you are not stable enough, so he stole the source of fire for you] [Ding, your frog was afraid that you would be bitten, so he stole the antiviral potion overnight! 】 [Ding, your frog stole the Zanpakutō for you! Additional Asura – Blade Skill! 】 So, when everyone was avoiding zombies, disasters, despairing for food and water, Ye Su had already carried a big knife, drove a car, and came out for food!


TitleAfraid of My Death, My Frog Stole To the Shelter Overnight
Raw Title我家青蛙怕我死,连夜偷来避难所(1-464)
Addition DateOctober 2, 2022
AuthorMing Zhen Tan Ke Nan
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TagsMale Protagonist,System