Marvel’s Monster Hunter World漫威之怪物猎人大世界

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1783 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Meng Zhong An Mian

Novel Summary

Watson travels through the Marvel world! Connect the monster hunter world! US team against flying thunder dragon! Tony, I need an anti-electric suit! Hulk and Horned Dragon fight for power! The super-ant man wiped the saliva on his face and looked up at the scaly dragon above his head. . . Have a discussion, don’t eat me? Faced with the army of Cheryta like the ant frenzy, they looked back at a group of fire dragons covering the sky, scorn, a group of scum! Experience the invasion of the Marvel world by the dragons!


TitleMarvel’s Monster Hunter World
Raw Title漫威之怪物猎人大世界
Addition DateOctober 3, 2022
AuthorMeng Zhong An Mian
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TagsDragons,Early Romance,Fanfiction,Game Elements,Godly Powers,Hard-Working Protagonist,Monster Society,Monster Tamer,Multiple Realms,Past Plays a Big Role,Romantic Subplot,Royalty,System Administrator,Male Protagonist,Marvel