Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji


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1840 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Ye Qiao Mu

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“Husband, I want…” “Okay, here is the credit card. Buy everything you want.” “Husband, I want to give you a baby!” “No need.” “…” Ye Shengge was born with a birthmark, only Ji Shiting could understand, but this man was cold and abstinent, unmoved. Finally one day, she clapped her hands to prepare to slip away, but was carried back by someone! She was shocked, “What are you doing?” The man said dumbly, “As you wish!” “…” * Ye Shengge always thought that Ji Shiting was forced to marry her, but after years she knew that everything was in his plan, she had already been locked by him, and there was nowhere to escape!


TitleKiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji
Raw Title吻安,纪先生
Addition DateOctober 5, 2022
AuthorYe Qiao Mu
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TagsFemale Protagonist