After I Stole the Male Lead, the Female Lead Cried我抢走男配后,女主哭了

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264 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Mei Ren Wu Shuang

Novel Summary

In the abuse text, the female protagonist has been chasing behind the male protagonist, being abused and tortured, and only the male supporting character who can’t walk with her legs silently guards her. The male supporting cast gave everything for the heroine, and even dying for her could not get the heroine’s liking at all. Qiao Xi wore a book, and she became a short-lived female partner in the book. She found that her life was tied to this disabled male lead. Since then, Qiao Xi needs to find a way to approach him every day. She would tell him love words in a different way, and would caress his ugly legs with her hands, and her beautiful eyes were full of distress. The male partner’s hand on the armrest of the wheelchair clenched into a fist, and humbly covered his ugly legs with the quilt. Until one day, the male partner couldn’t control it. He lowered his head and kissed the girl in front of him. The legs under him suddenly turned into mutilated fish tails. Joey: … Later, the male supporting role lifted the quilt and played with his beautiful golden fish tail proudly. He looked at Qiao Xi in front of him with bright eyes, longing for her touch. …… When the heroine was reborn, she remembered the disabled male supporting role who had been silently guarding her and ignored by her, and decided to treat him well and stay with him in this life. However, she found out that there was a beautiful girl who looked like a goblin next to the male supporting role with disabled legs! Acting goblin heroine X super pitiful super cute little goldfish hero 1. The heroine is super beautiful, sprinkled with sugar, and the text is so sweet that the toothache, the male and female protagonists are double c. 2. If you don’t like it, please click X, don’t force yourself~~ You can not love, please don’t hurt, everyone is a civilized beauty. Decline to pick up the list! *Screenshot of Weibo Content tags: Romance of the Times Sweet Text Shuangwen Search keywords: Protagonist: Qiao Xi, Lu Hu One sentence introduction: The male partner cried and begged me to touch his tail! Purpose: She came to me with light


TitleAfter I Stole the Male Lead, the Female Lead Cried
Raw Title我抢走男配后,女主哭了
Addition DateApril 5, 2022
AuthorMei Ren Wu Shuang
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