I Have a Game Clone


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253 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Zhe Ge Diao Yu Lao

Novel Summary

Blue Star youth Ning Shi accidentally downloaded a mobile game called “Zhu Century”. “Di! The clone is created!” Ning Shi has obtained a game clone, the clone will become stronger, and the main body will also become stronger! “The clone has been exercising for 12 hours in the practice room, with +1 physique and +1 mental strength.” “Clone the dragon to kill the dragon and get the blood of the dragon!” “Use the Charm Fruit in one’s body, and the value of the face is +10!” Doppelgänger traverses the game worlds one by one, creating forces and leaving legacy. “The avatar has successfully communicated and conquered Alice, the Duke of Rose. Alice is about to arrive, please pay attention to the main body.” Ning Shi: …


TitleI Have a Game Clone
Raw Title我有一个游戏分身
Addition DateOctober 10, 2022
AuthorZhe Ge Diao Yu Lao
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TagsMale Protagonist