VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours


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1229 Chapters · 63 Readers
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Author:Bu Tan

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I missed a game helmet and dropped a golden finger! Su Bai has an extra progress bar that no one can see. Every 10 hours, he can create a BUG! For the first BUG, Su Bai entered the game more than ten hours ahead of global players! After all players enter the game, Su Bai has reached the upper limit of the Novice Village level, and is still well equipped! Just in time, the time is up, and we can create BUG again! This time, Su Baika entered the village chief’s house. Because there was something in it that made Su Bai very concerned. emmmmm… Su Bai never expected that this card would be given by a goddess


TitleVRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours
Raw Title网游:每十小时创造一个BUG
Addition DateSeptember 10, 2022
AuthorBu Tan
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