Invincible Attack Training System无敌攻击修炼系统

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758 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Pi Pi Xia

Novel Summary

System: “Attacked by self-harm, repair base +10” “Being attacked by the opponent’s yin leg, the repair base is +100.” “Attacked by enemy jealousy, cultivation base +20” “Attacked by hunger, repair base +10” “Attack from falling cliff, repair base +1000” “Being struck by lightning, repaired to +100,000.” “Damn, whoever can beat me to death will give this god-level technique to someone.” This is a young man who constantly strives to die.


TitleInvincible Attack Training System
Raw Title无敌攻击修炼系统
Addition DateOctober 11, 2022
AuthorPi Pi Xia
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TagsAbandoned Children,Arranged Marriage,Beautiful Female Lead,Comedic Undertone,Early Romance,Fast Cultivation,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Level System,Male Protagonist,Masochistic Characters,Multiple Realms,Shameless Protagonist,System,Underestimated Protagonist,Weak to Strong