My Immortal Cultivation Game Life


416 Chapters
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416 Chapters · 37 Readers
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Author:Qing Kong Xi Yu

Novel Summary

Sixteen years after Lu Yi traveled to the world of immortal cultivation, the long-lost golden finger finally awakened. Goldfinger is a simple task panel. By accepting and completing tasks, you can get various rewards. Lu Yi was surprised to find that the tasks he posted were counted as completing them himself? So Lu Yi embarked on the road of no return where he issued a task to himself. Issue the task to yourself [Practice the White Cloud Swordsmanship Ten Times], and the level of the White Cloud Swordsmanship will be +1 after completion. Issue the quest [Defeat the Outer Sect Disciple] to yourself, and get the precious Perfect Qi Condensation Pill after completing it. Issue the quest [Breakthrough to the Foundation Establishment Realm] to yourself, and get the best magic weapon after completing it. ………… Unconsciously, Lu Yi discovered that even if he became a saint and an ancestor, it seemed that there was no difficulty in it?


TitleMy Immortal Cultivation Game Life
Raw Title我的修仙游戏人生
Addition DateOctober 13, 2022
AuthorQing Kong Xi Yu
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TagsHarem-seeking Protagonist,Male Protagonist