Shrouding the Heavens


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1849 Chapters · 51 Readers
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In the far reaches of the dark and frozen universe, nine enormous dragon corpses were tied with an ancient bronze coffin. It seems that they were set there since the birth of the universe. Such astonishing scene was captured by a space probe floating in the outer space. Nine dragons and the mysterious bronze coffin made people wonder that whether they came back to ancient times or just reached the other shore of the universe. A giant mythical world was unfolded, where immortality gradually appeared and paranormal events continuously occurred. Countless people started to find their own tracks (The Dao) in such mythical realm. Their passion was like turbulent ocean wave which would never cease. The heat in their blood was like erupting volcanoes. Their desire for power and immortality dragged them down to the chasm without knowing it. Thirty-three classmates held a reunion after graduating. Their friendship was tested, as the bronze coffin took them away from earth and arrived in another unknown planet. The desire for living forced them to follow the path of the ancient gods. Entering a new world of cultivation, will any of them reach immortality, or will they all die along the way?


  • Shrouding the Heavens
  • 遮天
Addition DateFebruary 17, 2022
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