Urban Madness都市狂少

357 Chapters
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357 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Yi Xi Yu Qiao Hua

Novel Summary

A year ago, Ye Fan was the proud son of heaven, and he was highly regarded. A year later, he fell into the world and was bullied. An accident caused Ye Fan to embark on a different path. The stunning school flowers were thrown into his arms, the business leaders bowed their heads, and the martial arts master respected as a god. Ye Fan: I don’t know what is young and frivolous, I only know-the winner is king!


TitleUrban Madness
Raw Title都市狂少
Addition DateOctober 16, 2022
AuthorYi Xi Yu Qiao Hua
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All Time Rank#2999
TagsFast Cultivation,Genius Protagonist,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Level System,Male Protagonist,Rape Victim Becomes Lover,Weak to Strong