Global Digitization, I Can Increase Everything全球数据化:我能强化万物

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148 Chapters · 24 Readers
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Author:Mian Bi Si Mao

Novel Summary

Lin Yu traveled back 100,000 years. The dimensional gate is wide open, fierce beasts and aliens invade, the planet is digitized, and human beings are awakened as professionals. Lin Yu, who had just awakened as a mage, obtained the All Things Amplification System. Skills, equipment, items, nothing can increase! “Ding, the F-level skill Small Fireball has been increased tenfold, becoming a D-level skill Pyroblast.” “Ding, the D-level item Dragon Lizard’s Heart has been increased by a hundred times, becoming the B-level item Yalong Heart.” “Ding, the A-level equipment Ice Emperor Scepter has been increased by a thousand times, becoming the ss equipment Ice God’s Breath.” “Ding, the s-level skill summons the rock giant and gains a ten thousand-fold increase, becoming a god-level skill summoning titan!” When the gods came, Lin Yu waved his hand, the endless black hole annihilated the space, and even the supreme god could only crawl under his feet and shiver!


TitleGlobal Digitization, I Can Increase Everything
Raw Title全球数据化:我能强化万物
Addition DateJuly 1, 2022
AuthorMian Bi Si Mao
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