Pirates: The Revenge of the Family, Kill All the Tianlong People!


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159 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Ao Ye Zong Guan Jun

Novel Summary

When he woke up, Rono traveled to the world of pirates. I thought I could live happily and peacefully. But the appearance of Tianlong people broke this situation! Rono, watching his parents being shot to death by Tianlong people! Under extreme anger, Rono awakened the system and vowed to kill all the Tianlong people! From then on, a [Extremely Evil One] who specialized in hunting Tianlong people was born! Wherever Rono went, the Tianlong people shivered! Admiral? Two more and I will kill all of you rubbish! Karp: The Evil One? He is a monster created by the Tianlong people, and one day the Tianlong people will pay for it! Roger: 【One Piece】? Compared with [The Evil One], it’s nothing but a cloud! Whitebeard: [The strongest man in the world]? No, no, Rono is the strongest! Rocks: In terms of killing Tianlong people, Rono is the first, I am second, everyone else is garbage!


TitlePirates: The Revenge of the Family, Kill All the Tianlong People!
Raw Title海贼:灭门之仇,杀光天龙人!(1-166)
Addition DateOctober 19, 2022
AuthorAo Ye Zong Guan Jun
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TagsMale Protagonist,One Piece