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2182 Chapters · 20 Readers
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Author:Qi Qi Jia dMao Mao

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Thirty years later, or in the more distant future, when people recall the splendor of rock music in the 90s and the splendor of Hollywood movies, will they bring up such a name, “Hugo Lancaster”, and will they She said repeatedly, “I think back then, I experienced the age when Hugo created miracles.” On January 14, 1992, Hugo Lancaster received his first Worst Actor Award in tears at the 12th Golden Raspberry Awards, becoming the first person to come to the scene to receive the gold. The characters of the Raspberry Award have left their mark on the page of history. However, since then, Hugo has embarked on a completely different path, opening his life long enough to be recorded in the annals of history. His name is destined to become the most shining symbol in the history of music and film. In 1993, when the rock and roll heroes came together, and in 1994 when the film masters gathered, the name of Hugo Lancaster has become one of the members that cannot be ignored.


Raw Title巨星
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AuthorQi Qi Jia dMao Mao
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