MMORPG: Divine Mech Hunter网游之神级机械猎人

2108 Chapters
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2108 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Ni Xi De Ma Li Ao

Novel Summary

Are you still worrying about rare pets and premium equipment? Look at me with a plane nose, spider tank, Reaper 4000, quick copy, to kill the boss! What kind of coquettish position, what kind of god-level consciousness, is scum in front of the metal storm brought by my mechanical fort, let me stand until dawn! When you are still happy to hunt the dragon, I just laughed without saying a word! “Young man, have you heard of Gundam? Cough, it is a magic mecha, and the dragon is just a small bug in front of the huge magic mecha.” This is the legend of the god level mechanical hunter!


TitleMMORPG: Divine Mech Hunter
Raw Title网游之神级机械猎人
Addition DateOctober 28, 2022
AuthorNi Xi De Ma Li Ao
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TagsGunfighters,MMORPG,Virtual Reality