Monkey King is In the Pirate


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607 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Chi Tang Yang Liu

Novel Summary

Six forms? unnecessary! Swordsmanship? Meaningless! Domineering? The icing on the cake! I went down with a stick, the sky fell, the ground cracked, the mountain fell, and the sea covered! Animal phantom beast species Monkey Monkey Fruit Monkey King form! Wearing a purple golden crown of phoenix wings, wearing a gold chain mail armor, stepping on a lotus root, holding a golden hoop, I am the great sage of Qitian…not the Monkey King, it is my Sun Xu!


TitleMonkey King is In the Pirate
Raw Title齐天大圣在海贼
Addition DateOctober 29, 2022
AuthorChi Tang Yang Liu
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TagsAppearance Changes,Army Building,Artifact Crafting,Artifacts,Charming Protagonist,Doctors,Dragons,Eidetic Memory,Fanfiction,First-time Intercourse,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Magic,Male Protagonist,Pirates,Protagonist Strong from the Start,R-18,Sexual Cultivation Technique,Strong to Stronger,Student-Teacher Relationship,Teachers,Time Skip,Transformation Ability,World Hopping,One Piece