After Marrying the Sick and Weak Son, I Turned Around


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This novel is also known as I Turned Over A New Leaf After Marrying A Sickly Lord Luo City beauty Su An’an was accused of marrying the sick seedlings that the Shen family kept in the countryside, and people in the city talked about it for a while. Some people regret that such a beautiful woman should marry a blind man. But the more discussion is that, according to the frailty of that son Shen, I am afraid that Miss Su will marry and live as a widow. There was gossip everywhere, but Su Anan remained calm and married decisively. Because she came back from the rebirth and knew how much it cost after being forced to run away from marriage in her previous life. So when she woke up, she found that she had returned to the eve of her marriage, and everything had come in time. She would not run away and marry in peace. Originally, he lived in peace with the thought of respecting each other as a guest and serving as a good student, but never thought that this ill husband was somewhat different from the rumors of the previous life… Don’t you mean blind? Don’t you mean weak? Don’t you mean that you will die soon? Whoever said that, come out! Su An’an climbed out of the door holding her aching old waist, and sighed sincerely, the rumors are misleading. Reborn Cookie, 1v1 Shuangjie~


  • After Marrying the Sick and Weak Son, I Turned Around
  • 嫁给病弱世子后,我翻身了
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