I Am a Big Player


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734 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Ren He has traveled to the parallel world. Ren He brought the earth’s cultural memory and experience to the parallel world. However, he was told by the Natural Punishment System in the world rules that if he wanted to use the memory of the parallel world, he had to accept the corresponding punishment task. . Of course, there are rewards after completing the task. Bungee jumping, free-hand rock climbing, 30-meter surfing, cliff jumping into the sea, skiing, extreme skydiving, wingsuit flying, climbing the Saint-Jeans Peak and so on. While refreshing the entertainment world, Ren He went further and further on the road of adventure. Every time you write a great book, you need to take risks again and again while getting glory and money. But he suddenly began to enjoy it all, blood, burning! Enjoy the thrill of life-killing together!


  • I Am a Big Player
  • 我是大玩家
Addition DateDecember 25, 2022
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