The Female Partner Gets Rich In the Chronology女配在年代文里暴富

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476 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Meng Xiang Yi Mi Qi

Novel Summary

Ye Xiuqing, who died of overwork, woke up again and found that she had worn a female partner of the same name and surname in a chronological essay, and became a control group for the female protagonist in the essay. The heroine’s father is the second son of the family, hardworking and capable, simple and honest. The father of the female partner is the youngest son of the family. Although the heroine mother has some cowardly and patriarchal, she is also very kind to her daughters and has a gentle personality. The female partner’s mother also likes to be lazy and caress about everything. The original heroine is born again and uses the prophet to kill the Quartet. The female partner always grabs things with the heroine, and in the end, she commits herself to death and affects the relatives who are good to her. Knowing his situation, Ye Xiuqing suddenly became calm. Why does the hostess love to go? It has nothing to do with her. What she has to do now is to live her own life well. then…… Ye Xiuqing was studying when the heroine used the prophet and had an ambiguous relationship with potential stocks. When the heroine had a good relationship with the villagers and accumulated fame, Ye Xiuqing had already attended the best university and accumulated the first start-up capital. Ye Xiuqing has already promoted her business abroad when the heroine’s business has improved. After the heroine has gone through many hardships, she finally got together with the hero of the original book. She suddenly discovered that the cousin Ye Xiuqing who she didn’t look down on had already become something she couldn’t afford.


TitleThe Female Partner Gets Rich In the Chronology
Raw Title女配在年代文里暴富
Addition DateOctober 31, 2022
AuthorMeng Xiang Yi Mi Qi
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