Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated!


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887 Chapters · 20 Readers
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Author:Que Wu Xia

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Old Xujiazu’s grave is smoking! The old lady Xu, who became a grandmother, is pregnant again! The old and strong old man Xu walks with wind! The daughter-in-laws of the old Xu family began to tremble. No matter their mother-in-law gave birth to children, there were many young ancestors in the family. How can they be suffering these days? In the arms of October, the old lady gave birth to a beautiful girl named Fubao. The days of the old Xu’s house suddenly became mysterious. Fu Bao: “Mother, I picked up a rabbit!” Fu Bao: “Father, is this gold?” Boss Xu: “Sister, help your eldest brother take a look. Will there be a harvest if you enter the mountain today?” Xu Lao Er: “Fubao, how is the second brother to you?” Xu Laosan: “Bao, you have to bless your third brother to pass the exam this time, come back and bring you a big flower cloth!” Sister Xu, Sister Xu, and Sister Xu: “Her sister-in-law, don’t move, just let us


TitleTheir Lucky Star Was Transmigrated!
Raw Title穿越农家锦鲤小福女
Addition DateNovember 1, 2022
AuthorQue Wu Xia
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TagsDoting Older Siblings,Doting Parents,Female Protagonist,Transmigration