Madam Lu Is An Inherited Doomsayer陆夫人有祖传乌鸦嘴

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822 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Fu Qian Qian

Novel Summary

Lu Zhi is the prince of the imperial capital, and no one dared to provoke him. But everyone knew that Lu Zhi’s wife, Ye Buyu, could not provoke even more. Because she is a crow’s mouth, cursing anyone who is unlucky, cursing who is suffering, as long as she speaks, the scene must be tragic. “Oh, it’s so hot today, let’s let some rain cool down!” Lu Zhi looked at the raindrops floating down from the sky, his face turned black. “shut up!” “Isn’t the one in front of your ex-girlfriend? Her legs are so thin, she should be able to wrestle while walking!” The person walking in front dropped a shit to eat, Lu Zhi was angry. “Ye Buyu, you shut up!” Until one day, Ye Buyu ran to him with a blank face, “Lu Zhi, I seem to be pregnant!” Lu Zhi immediately jumped up, “Quickly, you are really pregnant, you are pregnant with twins, no, triplets!”


TitleMadam Lu Is An Inherited Doomsayer
Raw Title陆夫人有祖传乌鸦嘴
Addition DateNovember 3, 2022
AuthorFu Qian Qian
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TagsFemale Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead