Rebirth to 70s As a Group Pet Boss


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488 Chapters · 18 Readers
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[Space + Age + Sweet Pet] The boss of the Doomsday Research Institute was reborn as a small village flower in the 1970s. A few years later, the upper-class circles in Kyoto became a sensation, and the rebellious Crown Prince of the Gu family actually fell in love with a village flower. I heard that this village flower is still a village tyrant, lazy, fierce and uneducated, and the whole family is the best! How can a village girl be compared with the girls in the upper circle? Everyone mocked Song Chu in unison. However…… Breeding and planting big coffee; tycoon in the catering industry; founder of an educational institution; the richest man in the country… rushing to say: “To have today’s achievements, it is all thanks to my sister Song Chu!” Everyone is collectively stunned: Really? I do not believe! Who knows that on the same day, the official announcement of the top biopharmaceutical research institute in China: “Congratulations to Dr. Song Chu for winning the International Pharmaceutical Gold Award, and thanks to Dr. Song for leading us to become the most advanced pharmaceutical institution in the world.” Immediately followed, an article of compliments was published, and there was a photo of her holding the trophy. Looking at Dr. Song, who is white and beautiful, with outstanding temperament, everyone lost their glasses in shock. What about the village girl who is so rustic and illiterate? This is obviously a beautiful, handsome and talented winner in life… At the same time, the prince of the Gu family and a tech giant also approached Song Chu: “Dare to take responsibility for me first…”


  • Rebirth to 70s As a Group Pet Boss
  • 重生七零做团宠大佬
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