Invincible Starts From One Punch Martial Arts无敌从一拳武道开始

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558 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Chen Ao

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[The pole flow, the invincible flow, the horizontal push of the heavenly flow] Traveling to the world of immortal cultivation, because there is no spiritual root and no connection with the immortal way, you can only practice mortal martial arts. But Xia Wuji discovered that he could easily cultivate mortal martial arts to the extreme and surpass the limits of martial arts. Iron Cloth Shirt + Golden Bell Cover + Great Sun Vajra Art + Unmoving King Body = Golden Body Indestructible! Golden Body Immortal Body + Dragon Elephant Town Tian Gong + Jiulong Feitian Jue = Tianlong Battle Body! Mortal martial arts “Tiger Fist” only has three layers? No, it’s three hundred floors! Destroying the Immortal Sword with a flick of a finger, suppressing the Immortal King with one hand, stepping on the Devil Emperor, punching the Demon King… Standing on the top of the heavens, Xia Wuji looked at the boundless calamity sweeping the heaven and earth in front of him, “For hundreds of millions of years, saints will also fall, immortality will also wither, and I am the eternal ruler of this world.” A punch is thrown, the fist shines in the sky, and the power penetrates through the ages…


TitleInvincible Starts From One Punch Martial Arts
Raw Title无敌从一拳武道开始
Addition DateNovember 4, 2022
AuthorChen Ao
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