Rebirth of the Strongest Monster Beast重生最强妖兽

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1385 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Sun Da Hou

Novel Summary

In ancient times, there was a black python, which turned into a snake after a hundred years, and turned into a dragon after a thousand years. Three thousand years ago, the human immortal Zun Lin Hao killed countless demons, but was conspired by the rebels and besieged to death by the human. Three thousand years later, Lin Hao was reborn on a black python, used the demon to prove his way, and opened a path to transforming a dragon against the sky.


TitleRebirth of the Strongest Monster Beast
Raw Title重生最强妖兽
Addition DateNovember 4, 2022
AuthorSun Da Hou
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TagsEvolution,Non-humanoid Protagonist,Reincarnated as a Monster,Reincarnation,Emotionally Weak Protagonist,Weak to Strong,System Administrator