Quick Transmigration: The Host is Soft and Sweet快穿宿主她又软又甜

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1389 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Hai Wei Wei

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God: Xiang Xing, you saved the galaxy in your last life. I want to send you a thank you gift. What do you want? Xiang Xing thought about it hard, and said, “I want to enjoy the blessings of the world.” A light suddenly appeared on the horizon, and a word slowly floated. good. —— “Uncle Emperor, I want to eat Xiaolongbao, candied haws, spicy hot pot, full banquet for Han…” “good.” The black-bellied regent immediately put down his conspiracy and tricks, and invited the world’s famous chefs to stand in a row. “Brother, I think I must pass every exam, never fail…” “good.” Work tags: President, system flow, love at first sight, quick wear, sweet pet


TitleQuick Transmigration: The Host is Soft and Sweet
Raw Title快穿宿主她又软又甜
Addition DateNovember 5, 2022
AuthorHai Wei Wei
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Monthly Rank#612
All Time Rank#1163
TagsAncient Times,Beautiful Female Lead,Cute Protagonist,Cute Story,Handsome Male Lead,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Strong Love Interests,System Administrator,World Hopping,Female Protagonist